Our implementations

You can find our products implemented on many rail vehicles constructed by the Solaris company, the Pesa Bydgoszcz company or the Modertrans company. We produced windows for the Swing trams running in Bydgoszcz city, Toruń city and Łódź city. Also our windows and glasses were mounted on the Krakowiak 2014N trams, on the prototype Moderus Gamma tram made by Modertrans company and for modern Solaris Tramino NGT10 Lipsk trams. Our railway windows, glasses and reflector glasses are implemented on such wagons as the Sundeck Pesa, the EMU vehicles like Dart or Elf also made by Pesa Bydgoszcz company and on the locomotive modernized by Rail Polska company.

Except all of mentioned windows and glasses we produced glasses to renovated Chevrolet Bel Air which could have been seen during the TRACO fair.

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